if only | valentine’s day ed.

valentine’s day is a blink away and plenty of people are bitterly laughing past the sad fact that they’re single. LIKE ME! don’t feel alone; we have our parents, our friends, our pantry and our amazon shopping cart to keep us company. i am a college student and my money goes to practical means, but i do believe that beautiful things are lovely to have even if you spill chocolate on them. ‘if only’ are petite lists with a few wishful gifts i fancy! 01. Ines Pyjama Set by Morpho + Luna | 02. Flowers In a Vase Wall Art…

her wrinkled pages

her story much of it damp and distorted by tears.
ink runs, smudges and bleeds underneath her shaking hand. she rushes to smooth out the imperfections but the stains begin to set in, the moisture wrinkling the crisp pages.
she wants so terribly to rewrite everything, to erase herself and reinvent herself. yet to lose so much would be… would be…
signed, j