new everything in 2018

“so, i close my eyes to old ends & open my heart to new beginnings.” • nick friedrickson

sooooooo, resolutions are cheap goals set at the beginning of each year in hopes of jump starting our motivation for what is to come. i find it quite discouraging that we set ourselves up for defeat so early…

nevertheless, a list will be written out and commitments will be made— 1. be sure to share warmth & kindness to those around me 2. strive for success in college 3. take control of my health and habits 4. be enthused to learn new skills (hand calligraphy, korean, etc.) 5. dedicate a good work into jotbyj

 we could go on forever about what is necessary to improve, change, or rid ourselves of in order to finally attain satisfaction. there is no destination, always a journey & life’s meaning is what you make of it.

sooooooo, let 2018 fill you up with all it has to offer! cherish the good times, pray through the bad times, enjoy the lazy times, hustle through the busy times & remember this is your time!!!

much love, j

p.s. new year’s eve in new york city was a painful experience, but that’s for another time 🌟 🎉

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