she’s intentional

how beautiful, how buoyant, and glad is morning! • l.e. landon

defined. intention: (one) a settled plan for doing a certain thing  (two) that upon which the mind is set; purpose

this post is essentially an extension of new everything and how i have put into action my goals for the year… but laziness is not so easily defeated 😪 *sigh* & with a few days until spring semester back in session i’m already waking up on the wrong side of life.

anyhoo, thank jesus for a new day! something fresh and new to look forward too. i have not set myself up for complete failure; listed here are a few tools i am attempting to implement during my day so that i may find success:

+ podcasts by itunes // dive into the world of voices; where there is a show to tickle any fancy.

glitter bomb water bottle by // who wouldn’t feel excited to drink out of this sparkly motivator.

simple white clock by ikea // it’s impossible to ignore the time ticking by with this book-supporting big ben.

mini 2018 calander by may designs // this petite & perky planner keeps dates and has additional pages for dreaming and scheming altogether.

productivity planner by intelligent change // sleek, chic, and another planner has you focus in the right direction beginning with the week and walking you through day by day.

+ quotes by bright beings // they are like stars—  numerous & full of light yet sometimes shrouded in darkness.

fingers crossed that each of these greatly benefit my current happenings!!

warmly, j

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