know thyself

mood: sitting here sad and lonely.

the end of january will soon be at hand and i have little to show for it… naps, netflix, and necessities. followed by a long deflated sigh…

but lists can make any day a smidge better in my books soooooooo here we go. with 100% confidence— here is what i know (about myself).

prompt: do what you want.

move out ⎢apply for college in s. korea ⎢ read to heart’s content ⎢ bake for an army ⎢ smile more ⎢ be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop ⎢ visit japan ⎢ buy pretty dishes ⎢ make lists that go for miles ⎢ blog ⎢ become well read ⎢ have the class and elegance of audrey hepburn ⎢ stop striving and start surviving ⎢ discover style ⎢ spend an entire day @ the met museum ⎢ meet a cute boy and exchange #s ⎢ skydive! ⎢ achieve proficiency in korean ⎢ have a tiffany blue box on my bedroom vanity ⎢ write more ⎢ cry on a shoulder ⎢ sip a glass of milk & eat rich chocolate cake ⎢ be unapologetically & one hundred percent authentically, jmc.

thoughtfully, j

p.s. please pardon the late post.

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