do diet // day 01


task: share beautiful things

jot down nine delightful moments you notice today—  three in nature (like sparkling snowflakes), three in people’s behavior (a friendly smile), three from pretty much anywhere (even an exquisitely plated meal). this quick exercise can boost happiness for a full month, a swiss study showed “appreciating beauty provokes positive emotions and may also trigger awe,” says study author sara wellenzohn, Ph.D., of the university of zurich. use the #powerofawe on insta to spread the joy.

< nature >

01. morning commute with the sky bright blue and the clouds light & fluffy

02. the sunshine’s golden rays & the warmth seeping in.

03. the hills and trees offering paths to trek across campus.

< people’s behavior >  

01. a smile from my professor before lecture begins.

02. cheerful laughter from my father.

03. another pump of toner, essence, and moisturizer layered on my skin.

< anything >

01. stepping out of bed into a clean room and making my bed to complete the image.

02. reading peter pan & feeling nostalgic.

03. ending the day with a love story & a steaming cup of tea.

signed, j

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