do diet // day 03

task: group tasks to get more done

crush it on your first day back to work after the holidays by catching up on emails or returning phone calls, but not doing both at once. “when we multitask in the office, our productivity goes down by 40%,” says karen elizaga, an executive coach in nyc and author of find your sweet spot. a smarter option: break up your tasks into chucks and do them in sequential series. “you’ll not only produce better results, but you’ll also feel less overwhelmed,” says elizaga.

productivity… *psssshhhhh!* i’m a mayor in “procrastination,” my region⎯ napland.

but i have definitely benefited by clearly breaking down a task, specifying what needs to happen, and neatly checking of the box. still working on the doing tasks in a sequential order part & the putting off the nap part for when i should be going to bed. i tend to hop around with what needs to be done, and that is normally due to the fact i have put something of so far that it has become a crisis. sleep is just something that i can’t escape (complete lies!) well, we are all works in progress! thank the lord for a new day!

cue the music⎯ the sun will come out tomorrow⎯ 🌻

Photo Feb 06, 8 15 47 AM

signed, j

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