questionable direction

“going by my past journey, i am not certain where life will take me, what turns and twists will happen; nobody knows where they will end up, as life changes direction, so i’ll flow with it.” • katrina kaif

when i started this blog i had all of these ideas and wishes of becoming another blogger whose labor of love turned into a cold hard cash! but i don’t want to sell myself to an audience— please don’t take this as a rub to others!

instead, i want this to be a space where words can be appreciated. where raw emotion bleeds and permeates people’s lives.

this is a place to heal, find joy, fall in love, be brave, shatter glass, empty when full & rest when the day is done.

i want to embody the wonder and chaos of life.

so from here, it’s going to be a lot of quotes, lists, and mumbles… and maybe even a splash of whatever fits my fancy… and you never know what this might morph into next!

honestly, j

p.s. i am going to ditch the do diet, but no plans of taking down any previous posts. i want to remember life unedited 🍃

p.p.s. i may flip through the rest of the diet and pick some worth doing 😉 just can’t let gooooooo….

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