“sarah was soon lugging pasteboard boxes, paper packages and rolled samples of wallpaper. she had seen all of this before: she had daydreamed it. it was all very fine, but it was not as lovely as the daydream, and the packages slithered and slipped from her grip, and a box dug into her side, and how could it be that one printed paper was so vitally, importantly lovely and another was entirely dismissible, or that any or that any of it really mattered so very much, or indeed at all?” • jo baker

i do appreciate a good, fresh, and fancy wallpaper for my iPhone. i scour pinterest pins & related pins for anything that might work well and has an aesthetically pleasing appearance. i tend to lean more toward art vibes, motivational words, and pairs that match both a home and lock screen. i strongly dislike irl (in real life) photos of me or anyone, pixilation/ fuzz, and images that fail to work with the parameters. soooooo, below i am going to attach some wallpapers i regularly use. i do not own any of these images & they work well with an iPhone 8. please note that i tend to turn of the “perspective” feature & opt for a hand done fit. also, i have always dreamed when i move out into my own apartment i would add some character and cover the walls with a fabulous wallpaper!






fancifully, j

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