finally, spring

“it can’t rain all the time!” • a fortune cookie

in honor of the classic nursery rhyme , “april showers bring may flowers!” i wanted celebrate the coming of spring in connecticut & offer a bit of pep to those near the end of the 2017-2018 school year! i am thrilled that the sun is actually shining and second semester of college is nearly through.

i adore the rain and flowers, seriously two of my favorite things. wearing my hunter boots and being that obnoxious person you avoid when passing by because i’m living out my inner kid and seeing how high i can splash 💦 also, i do treat myself (though i can’t really afford it…) to a small bundle of flowers from my local grocer! it’s nothing crazy, usually right under seven dollars but money nonetheless.

now to move away from the depressing subject of finances for university students⎯ my chinese take out fortune was an welcome reminder that life will bloom after a stressful storm! so hold onto your umbrella, jump in a puddle, & laugh as you go along. i hope once everything passes that your blossoms will look even prettier than the flower box above.

catch me singing in the rain!

la la la, j

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