“the joy of life consists in the exercise on one’s energies, continual growth, constant change. the enjoyment of every new experience. to stop means simply to die. the eternal mistake of mankind is to set up an attainable ideal.” • alister crowley

marie kondo took the world by storm with her book, the life changing magic of tidying up… still have yet to read it but it’s sitting on my dresser… nearly there. nonetheless, i have the gist- at the core the KonMari method instructs that you should conquer your messy house by first discarding and then organizing. start by picking a category (clothes, books, sentimentals, desk/ stationary, etc.). then one at a time take an object, hold it close to your heart- ask the question: “does this spark joy?”, and if it’s a yes, keep it!

so, bigger picture. i’m thinking what sparks joy in people’s life.

< photography >

for kate it’s the ability to snap a shot and capture important moments. and when one ships off to europe for spring break there is more than enough inspiring, joy bring, aesthetically pleasing, wonderful things to take a pictures of in remembrance of  beutiful rome (take me on a holiday), venice (i’ll hop in your gondala), austria (sure, who doesn’t want to hear me sing do-re-mi out of tune?), germany ( i don’t drink but dd for me), and wherever else!

< book shops >

oooooooohhhhhhhhh! i wish spending all your time and money on books was the standard for everyone (well, at least val, me, and mrs. boyne). i think the world would be a better place. if we could explore genres and sub-genres on end and introduce a laundry list of favorites, unusual, thought provoking, blips of text… that is an ideal… conversation, curiosity, escapism…

< plants >

#plantmom. my friend althea has just purchased her first plant. i guess what i mean… something that requires and deserves attention. something that you help cultivate and in return it gives a much needed natural element to the artificial aspect the covers our lives. i babysit for a family and inside their home plant(s) grace nearly every room and can be seen in a range of sizes. the pop of green feels fresh and welcome.

< adventure >

whatever it is your contemplating- take a leap of faith and do it! that’s all i have to say! *dusts hands off* not really though, whether your life consists of little adventure or life altering adventure. be open and receptive to new experiences. adventure need not be foolish, but full of passion.

jumping for joy, j

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