valentine’s day is a blink away and plenty of people are bitterly laughing past the sad fact that they’re single. LIKE ME! don’t feel alone; we have our parents, our friends, our pantry and our amazon shopping cart to keep us company.

i am a college student and my money goes to practical means, but i do believe that beautiful things are lovely to have even if you spill chocolate on them. ‘if only’ are petite lists with a few wishful gifts i fancy!

01. Ines Pyjama Set by Morpho + Luna | 02. Flowers In a Vase Wall Art by Artfully Walls | 03. Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Vrai & Oro

while gifts are a joy to unwrap, remember to wrap yourself and those you love ones in a warm hug and an encouraging word.

x, jordan

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