A perfume
created by
Gino Percontino
At the entrance of an English garden, the scent opens with a spark of connection, a romantic breeze of magnolia and honeysuckle envelops the moment and is enlivened by fresh green tea..

Finally the warmth of honey and warm woods expresses the comfort and trust of true love.


They ran up Primrose Hill. It was April, and the trees were silhouetted against the navy evening. As the day receded, the green sent of leaves and the grass rose, filling the air where light had been. She listened to the soft sound of their breathing; their footfalls. His presence made her feel steady and capable.

Of course she did not truly know him, but she had found him and now had him with her, like the galleys of a long-awaited novel. She would absorb the pages without concern for the outcome. She loved the reading of it, and knew the story would be with her forever.

At the crest he took her hand, slowing her, and the stood beside her. She was looking out over the city, but she felt him turn toward here and

Top: Honeysuckle, Magnolia
Mid: Green Tea
Dry: Honey, Warm Woods

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