hi there! my name is jordan & this is my personal playground ending in .com!

my goal is not to please any specific audience or fit a particular niche. in all honesty, i’m doing this for myself… a digital bullet journal of sorts that i’m sharing. all of raw feeling and beautiful things.

please be handle with care. for people are far more fragile than their packaging suggests.


on a brighter note, list making = happiness—so here is a bullet bio

+ obsessed with stars 🌟

+ believer in never skipping dessert

+ south korean junkie ⎢ dramas, beauty, coffee shop playlists, etc.

+ it’s an “add to cart” kinda (every)day

+ personality ⎢sarcastic, stubborn & sentimental

+ adopted from china

+ always have ⎢ candles burning, a book partly read & fairy lights twinkling

+ romans 12:12 and pinterest poetry

xx, j