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hi there! my name is jordan & this is my little bubble on the world wide web. currently, a student at the university of connecticut and suffering from a commitment problem. not anymore, i was accepted into uconn’s neag school of education for elementary edu (yes, super ironic). nonetheless, i am all about daydreams and tangents with a style for lowercase letters & questionable grammar.

i’m not quite sure what i am trying to make happen here but i plan on sharing plenty of quotes, favorites, moments, and whatever falls in between!

list making = happiness—  so here is a bullet bio

+ obsessed with stars 🌟

+ believer in never skipping dessert

+ south korean junkie ⎢ dramas, beauty, coffee shop playlists, etc.

+ it’s an “add to cart” kinda (every)day

+ personality ⎢sarcastic, stubborn & sentimental

+ adopted from china & my little sister too

+ always have ⎢ candles burning, a book partly read & fairy lights twinkling

+ romans 12:12 and pinterest poetry

yay, j 


p.s. new blog posts sunday & wednesday. quotes pinned on friday!